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Surreal Shadows Hybrid Highlights by SDA AB Photo Students

by AB Photo people from SDA 

I always know that photography, or anything that has something to do with it, has a pinch in my heart. So even the most toxic, and seemingly unnerving day in a student nurse’s life (read: thesis, care plans, and minor subjects that would not stop being pa-major) would not stop this lover of the arts (that I wish I could create one too :D) to march down to Taft avenue from Morayta st. just to see the work of budding photography majors… like my friends!

It was their project actually, but I guess if you don’t tell people it was, I for one could mistake it for a professional gallery. The images will burn into your memory.

*They invited Armi as a guest, but nonetheless she did not make it, she was sick. The whole gallery played Up Dharma Down all night instead!*

 No bias, but this is my ultimate favorite. Surreal!

Zeh nostalgia wall

Single shot only

 Chic and expressive

Here are some takes from the fabulous exhibit. Not to mention, some of the photos were ruined by “natural calamity”(or so it was?) but the overalls still look fantastic.

Ame's wall

Alecks' wall

Apple's wall

Joe's wall

Food was everywhere, and the cupcakes we’re just heavenly. <3 it!

Zeh zhocolate fondue!

Nacho Libre!

The this-is-so-yummy-I-could-forget-my-name cupcake

Sexy cupcake!


And more Boy Bawang

Ms. and Mr. Boy Bawang 2010. LOLz!

And yes, somehow, I wish I study here, and also be one of these great artists.

And after a stressful day, let’s camwhore and drain the camera's battery! *Shots from zeh camwhoring camera*

Please take note that that was Ame's hand >:D

...and plenty more here

Then drinks for the awesome students!


I had class by 7am the day after, and I arrived home 5:30am, just in time to go to school. I don’t mind the stress, I had fun anyway, and made really good friends.

You guys rock \m/!!!

For my SDA friends.
XOXO from moi <3<3<3


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