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This LiveJournal is brought to you by
(how cute is that raccoon smiley)
Jamberrr the blogwhore.

And while I need to finish five more paperworks, I lavish in writing my first blog post here in LiveJournal. And read all the RSS feed fed me tonight. That thing is very convenient.

So why another blog? I already have Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Multiply and a couple of blogspots that I forgot to update, for which you are at liberty to follow and saturate yourself with me, me, me, and me. Just so to warn you, I do blogging on all those sites. So more or less prepare to be jamberified. In human speak: prepare to have migraine.

... [a moment of awkward silence, rationalizing to myself why I need a new one]

So up to this point of typing words, which could be time for typing words for my academic papers, I can still not think of any reason of why make another blog.

A new avenue for opinion. A new reason to write. Or just a new one. You take your pick, I just take care of jamberifying you.


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