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Cinemalaya Date
So there in the middle of cramming paper works (which I totally did not intend,) Jen and I decided to call a dinner and movie night out. I was really in a hurry to finish my assessment papers, and she was gone to the doctor for a bad cold. And it was storming outside. But what the hell, I want Cinemalaya and a bowl of noodles and wanton.

Cinemalaya hosts indie movies every year. An annual treat of Filipino eclectic films

An annual ritual: Cinemalaya
North Park
I always plan to eat here, but never happened, until...
So we think, it’s time for good ol’ fashioned cold-weather-craving for steaming noodles and dimsum. Original plan was with Super Bowl, prolly one of the few Chinese restaurants that my taste buds approve. However, we found ourselves in North Park; which by the way, had my eyes a few months back, but for the sheer lack of company to eat there, I’d only finally went for it only that day. I really should learn to try things even when I’m alone. Anyway, that will be another blog post, I think.

Hungry and craving, we ran through the menu on the placemat while catching up with each other. Maybe I should probably mention that we were not given the menu, but we took it from the table adjacent ours. So much for customer service.

Anyway, we had a lot of catching up and lots of talking to do. Our hectic schedules never permitted us to meet that often. Me with the incredibly demanding course and her with her incredibly wonderful job (that I wish it’s my job, too.) I remember telling her of people on Facebook bashing on me. Bastards, ugh. Again, another blog post will be dedicated for those.

Since the noodle craving started, inspired by the rainy weather, I ordered Three Mushroom and Wanton Noodles. I’m amazed that they ask diners what type of noodle comes with their soup. I picked the green one that looked like pesto. I have no idea what it is made of.

Three-Kind Mushroom and Wanton Noodle Soup
The green in this noodles reminds me really of pesto.
For the person with colds, Congee of sorts (forgot the name, actually. And never made it for the picture taking) We also ordered pot stickers, and broccoli and mushrooms.

Pot Stickers
So-so Pot Stickers

Three-Kind Mushroom and Broccoli Flowers
There is an evident Mushroom craving.
Another flaw. They told us that the order will take for about 20 minutes. Well, I’m really not strict with the time my orders take at any given time, only if it is faster than an hour. More than an hour, notify the starving customer. The order, I think, took an hour to reach my already hypersalivating mouth. I’d appreciate it more if they said – are you willing to wait? (I remembered tuloy that MRT ad. HAHA) Given that the place is not yet full house, I think it is without excuse to be really slow.

It is worth the wait for the food though. My noodle soup is packed with flavor and noodles are cooked just right, taste like hand-pulled, but it look like it isn’t. The mushroom in the soup added texture to the already flavorful soup, with three kinds – button, shiitake, and one that I cannot identify. I didn’t like the pot stickers though. The pork tasted raw, and the sauce is too sweet. I prefer more if it came with spicy sauce to at least cover the raw taste. The broccoli with mushrooms seemed promising, and a vegetarian alternative for beef broccoli. The mushrooms are, again, sweet to taste. Chinese food’s supposed to be salty right?

After that filling meal, we head straight to UP for Cinemalaya. It’s weird how I missed UP even though I didn’t study there. Maybe it was all the times I spent with Jen, Sheng, and Rafael that makes up for the reason why UP is my second home. There were scalpers outside Cine Adarna. And selling tickets lower than the official tickets. Two thoughts. One. I thought scalpers existed only at the Big Dome. Two. Aren’t scalper tickets costlier than those bought at the booth? In short, we bought tickets from two scalpers who seemed to know Jen. There was a forum for the previous film that they had shown earlier. After which the line to the cinema materialized and we were in.

I miss the cereal killers gang :(
I can't miss the old times more.

We watched Si Techie, Teknoboy, at Juana B. The film is a political satire showing how technology overrules people’s lives nowadays. It is funny. It is mind-numbing. And it is value-laden. I think it couldn’t really be helped to go through sexual issues since the internet, being a technology that influences the society with huge impact, is now a virtual sex den. Cinemalaya provides an avenue for filmmakers to address social issues and inspire creativity at the same time. I really hope it runs all year round.

At the end of the day, I still had my paperworks. But I carry now inspiration of art. And a full satisfied stomach.

Who is Cory Doctorow?

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Got the link from the writer-annihilator herself Ms. Jessica Zafra.

It feels weird having your writing compared to someone you don't even know.

Haha. Who the hell Docotorow is?

This LiveJournal is brought to you by
(how cute is that raccoon smiley)
Jamberrr the blogwhore.

And while I need to finish five more paperworks, I lavish in writing my first blog post here in LiveJournal. And read all the RSS feed fed me tonight. That thing is very convenient.

So why another blog? I already have Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Multiply and a couple of blogspots that I forgot to update, for which you are at liberty to follow and saturate yourself with me, me, me, and me. Just so to warn you, I do blogging on all those sites. So more or less prepare to be jamberified. In human speak: prepare to have migraine.

... [a moment of awkward silence, rationalizing to myself why I need a new one]

So up to this point of typing words, which could be time for typing words for my academic papers, I can still not think of any reason of why make another blog.

A new avenue for opinion. A new reason to write. Or just a new one. You take your pick, I just take care of jamberifying you.

Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot HX5V
If you could spend a week taking photos in any city in the world, which city would you choose, and why?

I would spend that magical week in the culture-laden, nature-bounty province of Batanes in northern Philippines. I would indulgently take random pictures of the uniquely natural and exotic people of Ivatan. The Ivatans are the indigenous people that inhabited the island for hundreds of years now. They are very self-made and it distinctly piques my interest to study through imagery a day, or in this case a week, of bustling life in Batanes. I wanted to know what made them stay, and what do they do, in spite of storms that frequent the area and being an almost isolated island in the Philippines. Batanes, rich with culture, history, and nature, is the perfect place for this lens to capture.


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